Undergraduate Nursing Student Scholarship 2017

(Deadline: February 14th)

A chapter of the American Assembly of Nursing, NYC Men in Nursing exists to promote and support men in nursing and to address health-related issues affecting men.  In 2015 members of New York City (NYC) Men in Nursing established a scholarship fund to support nursing education, advance the profession of nursing for men, and to provide financial assistance to nursing students. Undergraduate Nursing student members of the NYC MIN are invited to apply for the two (3) scholarship awards of $500.00 each.

·         Two (2) $500.00 Awards from the NYC Men in Nursing

·         One (1) ) $500.00 Award Donated by Dr. Larry Slater


Eligibility and Selection Criteria

At the time of application, the applicant must be enrolled in a New York State approved accredited Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program leading to licensure as a Registered Nurse. Additionally, the applicant:

1.      Must be a member of the NYC Men in Nursing Chapter with currently active paid student membership.

2.      Have a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

3.      Have not received a NYC Men in Nursing Student Scholarship in the past.

4.      Have a signed letter of nomination or recommendation from nursing faculty, registered nurse, or advanced practice nurse which speaks to the applicant’s interest in supporting the growth of men in nursing or issues pertaining to men’s health.

5.      Complete a 500-word essay that expresses the applicant’s interest in promoting men in nursing or addressing issues related to men’s health.  In the essay, do not identify yourself or the school you attend.

6.      A transcript or an official letter from the school’s registrar’s office indicating current GPA.


Essay Format and Style

1.      The essay must be completed in the style established by the American Psychological Association 6th edition. Use Times Roman typeface only and a font size of 12 points.

2.      Format documents using half-inch margins (top, left, and right) for all pages, using double spacing.

3.      Consecutively number all pages in the top right hand corner of each page.

4.      References are not required, but if used, it should be in APA format.


Submission Guidelines

1.      Documents are to be submitted electronically, with all attachments in one email. On the subject line please write: Scholarship. Send all documents (in Microsoft word or pdf) listed below to the Scholarship Co-Chair, Daniel Cernivani at djc414@nyu.edu :

2.      Essay (500 words)

3.      Unofficial transcript or official letter from the registrar

4.      Letter or nomination or recommendation

5.      Face sheet (a separate single-page) that contains:

        Top line: Scholarship Applicant

        First and last name


        Anticipated semester and year of graduation

        Mailing address


6.      Deadline: All required materials must be submitted by February 14, 2017.

7.      Applications must conform to all requirements for format, style, content, and length limitations. Only applications that conform to specifications and include the required documents will be reviewed.


Review Process

1.      The Scholarship co-chairs will review all submission for completeness and conformity to the guidelines.

2.      De-identified essays will be forwarded to the screening committee for blinded review and rating using a rubric.

3.      The essay will be judged based on clarity, coherence, compelling narrative and compositional quality (e.g., APA formatting).

4.      The Essay Review Committee is composed of Board Members of the NYC Men in Nursing and others.

5.      Essays are considered privileged communication and are restricted to members of the Essay Review Committee.

6.      The Essay reviewers will submit their rating to the scholarship co-chairs within a week of receipt of the essays.

7.      Notification of the Scholarship Award will be made to the winners by email beginning Feb. 21, 2017 by the scholarship co-chairs.

8.      The scholarship award check will be mailed to the winner.


Expectations from Scholarship Recipients

The scholarship winner must:

1.      Maintain valid membership with the NYC MIN for at least one year from the time the scholarship was awarded.

2.      Do a presentation on a topic of choice during one of the future monthly meetings post-award.

3.      Attend the monthly meetings of the NYC MIN.